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Food Safety Supervisor

FSS Food Safety Supervisor Training - SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety and SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices.


The Food Safety Supervisor requirement applies to certain food businesses who process and sell food (prepare & serve). See the NSW Food Authority for more information.

A person holding an FSS certificate will know how to recognise, prevent and alleviate the hazards associated with the handling of food. The proprietor of an affected food business must ensure one person is appointed as FSS for the premises.

This course is offered by distance education (correspondence) and face to face training.

Please note – the Correspondence course requires access to an operational commercial food preparation area, bar or kitchen and a third party. The Third Party must be either the proprietor of the business or a person who understands the role of the Food Safety Supervisor and the business you work in. They must be prepared to complete the comment section of the Third Party Report and provide full contact details as outlined at the bottom of the report. You will also be required to complete a Temperature Control Record requiring two (2) weeks of temperature records for equipment in a commercial kitchen.

*Includes the NSW Food Authority Certificate – valid 5 years


Face to Face Course - 2 days
Correspondence Course - Self Paced*

* We recommend completing the course within 20 working days. (Please note – your booking will expire with no refund payable if you fail to complete the course within 6 months from enrolment.)



The NSW food industry, is subject to requirements outlined in the

This legislation will require the businesses to have appropriately trained staff in their venue. See the The NSW Food Authority website to determine if your business is affected.

This legislation requires certain businesses to have appropriately trained staff in their venue. See the NSW Food Authority website to determine if your business is affected.

Austrain Academy is approved by the NSW Food Authority to provide the Food Safety Supervisor Course. You will be required to complete the following nationally recognised Units of Competence:

  • SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices

Upon being assessed as competent, you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment and a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate within 5 working days.

Why Should I Attend?

If you currently own, run or are employed in an affected business, it is essential that the proprietor ensures that a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) is appointed.

It is vital that your knowledge on FSS is accurate. Your entrance and or ability to remain in the industry comes at a time when there has been a demand to increase knowledge and compliance with the NSW Food Authority and Workplace Health Safety.

The NSW Food Authority and your local authority (council) may visit your premise to check on your compliance with this legislation.

The NSW Food Authority’s FSS program was established to help reduce foodborne illness in the hospitality and retail food service sectors in NSW by improving food handler skills and knowledge.

A major role of the program is to provide food businesses with high quality and consistent training by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that have been approved by the Authority.

Some elements covered in this course:

  • key features of federal, state or territory and local food safety compliance requirements as they impact workers at an operational level, including:
    • contents of national codes and standards that underpin regulatory requirements
    • reasons for food safety programs and what they must contain
    • local government food safety regulations and inspection regimes
    • consequences of failure to observe food safety policies and procedures
    • meaning of contaminant, contamination and potentially hazardous foods as defined by the Code
  • HACCP or other food safety system principles, procedures and processes as they apply to particular operations and different food types, including:
    • critical control points for the specific food production system and the predetermined methods of control, especially time and temperature controls used in the receiving, storing, preparing, processing, displaying, serving, packaging, transporting and disposing of food
    • main types of safety hazards and contamination
    • conditions for development of microbiological contamination
    • environmental conditions, including temperature controls, for storage
    • temperature danger zone and the two-hour and four-hour rule
  • contents of organisational food safety program, especially procedures and monitoring documents
  • equipment operating procedures, especially how to calibrate, use and clean a temperature probe and how to identify faults
  • choice and application of cleaning, sanitising and pest control equipment and materials
  • high risk customer groups, such as:
    • children or babies
    • pregnant women
    • aged persons
    • people with immune deficiencies or allergies

For more information please visit The NSW Food Authority website.


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    We undertook to run the Food Safety Supervisors course run by Austrain Academy for all our venue Chefs and 2ic's and, although knowledgeable through their past training and experience, all managers went away from the program with new knowledge and a thorough understanding of what is required in running a safe and professional food business. Thanks Austrain!

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