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SITHFAB003 Operate a Bar


Be ahead of the other applicants for positions in the Hospitality industry with Practical Skills that include how to prepare a bar for service, take drink orders, prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and close the bar down.

Pour BEER – not water, learn in a real bar environment from industry professionals!


**NOTE: You must have completed SITHFAB002 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol & SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety, to do this course**



This course will train you to prepare a bar for service, take drink orders, prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and close the bar down. You will also set up a bar display and work area according to regulatory and organisational standards and style of bar service.

Why Should I Attend?

This course will equip you with this skills and knowledge to:

  • set up, operate and close down a bar for multiple service periods
  • prepare a diverse range of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic to meet diverse customer requests
  • use the correct equipment, ingredients and standard measures to prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • work with speed and efficiency to deal with numerous service and operational tasks simultaneously
  • integrate knowledge of:
    • different types of bars and bar service
    • organisational standards for operating the bar
    • major types of beverages and their characteristics
    • safety issues and safe work practices of specific relevance to bar operations.


This course provides you with 6 hours of practical experience behind a bar.

Some elements covered in this course:

  • Check and restock bar products and materials and complete documentation
  • Store all items in correct place and at correct temperature
  • Complete mis en place requirements for decorations, coasters, edible and non-edible garnishes according to organisational standards
  • Take drink orders
  • Take orders, note or memorise them correctly
  • Check and identify specific customer preferences
  • Make recommendations and suggestions to assist customers with drink selection, and promote or upsell products
  • Receive and process customer payments
  • Prepare and serve drinks
  • Prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages according to legal and organisational standards, using the correct equipment, ingredients and standard measures
  • Serve drinks using required glassware and garnishes
  • Minimise wastage and spillage
  • Check beverage quality during service and take corrective action when required
  • Report beverage quality issues promptly to the appropriate person
  • Provide tray service where appropriate, according to organisational procedures
  • Attend to any mishaps promptly and safely
  • Close down bar operations
  • Shut down equipment according to organisational safety procedures and manufacturer instructions
  • Clear, clean or dismantle bar areas according to organisational procedures
  • Store leftover garnishes at the correct temperature
  • Check and reorder stock according to organisational procedures
  • Set up bar correctly for next service, ensuring equipment, stock and glasses are in the correct place
  • Conduct a handover to incoming bar staff and share relevant information
  • Work safely and reduce negative environmental impacts
  • Use safe work practices of specific relevance to bar operations
  • Use energy, water and other resources efficiently when operating and cleaning the bar to reduce negative environmental impacts
  • Recycle any glass and plastic bottles and containers
  • Safely dispose of all waste, especially hazardous substances, to minimise negative environmental impacts
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