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Student Support

We will assist all students in their efforts to complete our training programmes. We will make all reasonable effort to make adjustments to support the needs of those we identify as requiring extra support.

There are many reasons students may need extra support. Some of these reasons may include: People with disability; long term unemployed people; people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people experiencing poverty. We will discuss with these students how we will plan, deliver and assess training to take into account their needs.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your studies for any reason; we recommend that you contact your trainer or another member of Austrain Academy’s staff.

Disclosure of a particular status (for example, diagnosis of a specific disability or condition) is not a requirement to access support. However, the more information we have, the easier it is to determine appropriate supports for you.

Please click on the following link Disability Support Good Practice Guide for information on the types of support / adjustment that may be available for students with disability or learning support needs.

A Disability Supplement is available which will assist with answering the Disability question in our enrolment forms. Both of these documents may be found on our website under the Information heading.

Some students may be eligible for Fee Free or Concession Fee training.

Please see our Application Form for more information and eligibility information.

If we do not have the resources to offer a student with additional needs the support they require, we will:

In all cases, we will comply with the Disability Standards for Education found at:

More information is available in the Student Handbook or by contacting us.